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Things just haven't been the same for Briess Industries since the 1950s when that first K-Ball Roaster joined our staff. The rich-flavored roasted malts it produced were coveted by our export customers, and the old world charm of handcrafting these full-bodied beauties quickly got into our blood.

Since then, we haven't looked back. Rather, we've made it our mission and passion to develop an unmatchable portfolio of specialty malts and grain ingredients for beer, some with traditional European characteristics and others with new and unique profiles for the expanding palate of American craft brewers.

Briess facilities now comprise the most unique and highly specialized malting operation in North America. Since transforming itself into a specialty malting company, Briess has catapulted the company's circa 1900 malthouse into the 21st century, retooling and installing specialized drying , production and testing equipment. In addition, we've added extensive roasting capacity and custom-built several specialized grain processing plants. Multiple labs are outfitted with industry-standard testing equipment.

A new pilot brewery simulates the operation of large-scale brewhouses for troubleshooting and recipe formulation assistance. An expansive Distribution Center serves as Grand Central Station for all shipments of bagged and mini-bulk malt.

So enjoy this on-line tour of our facilities and travel through time, from modern technology back to the foundations of the 1901 malthouse.

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Malthouse in Chilton, Wisconsin. Irish Road Extract Plant. Insta Grains Plant. Distribution Center.